Visitor and Accompanying Laws
20 Temmuz 2018



25 Aralık Devlet Hastanesi


1. Patient visits should be made during visiting hours.

• Visit times of your hospital; 12:00 to 13:30 and 19:00 to 21:00.

• Patient to be visited between 12.00-13.00 for intensive care

information about time between 10.00-11.00 only the first degree of the hospital

Nearby will be given.

2. Do not take your patient to bedside,

loud conversation and treatment of the treatment materials in patient rooms

no one should be touched.

3. Young children from 12 years old should not be brought to the hospital by their health.

4. Food and drink should not be brought out of the illness.

5. Do not talk to our hospital with a loud voice in the hospital for rest,

Attention should be paid to the remarks of officials.


6. When you have finished using your wheelchair

must be handed over to the officers.

7. The trash should not be thrown away.

8. Toilets should not be left unclean. The faucets and electricity that run out of heat must be turned off.

9. In case of an emergency, telephone contact with the sentry nurse

it is advisable for the visitor to get information about the patient.

10. Visitors can not smoke in the hospital.

Legal action will be taken against the lambs.


1. Patients with intensive care

2. Patients with Infectious Diseases

4. Patients who visit the doctor quietly

Remember, the health of your hospital is as important to us as it is for you.


1.Referential needs are decided by the doctor of the hospital.

2. The number of companions is a nervous one. A companion has been found sufficient to ensure that the presence of multiple companions is unnecessarily crowded and can prevent the patient from functioning.

3. In the feminine service, male companions can not stay.

4.Refractors must comply with hospital rules. In case of violation, the accompanying status of the concerned person will not be accepted.

5.Related patients (outside of the physician and nurse directives) should not do any treatment for the patient.

6.Related caregivers should keep the hospital supplies regular and clean. The hospital is a companion who harms the malpractice, has to meet the loss.

7.Leffectors will not disinfect the hospital or change the bed in the absence of the relevant physician or nursing staff.

8.Responders can not use tobacco and alcoholic substances in the hospital.


9.The refugees must not bring food or drink to the patient, and should not give any food or drink to the physician or the medicinal consultant.

10Representants should not speak loudly in patient rooms and corridors, and should not disturb workers or other patients.

11.Refakatçi of; they often need to report to the clinically responsible person if the change is compulsory.



Op.Dr.M.Emin TÜRK