Our history
20 Temmuz 2018

Workers' insurances, the basis of our hospital, started serving in a rented business house in September / 1956 in the Gaziantep dispensary. Our hospital was built as a modern health institution established on the Fevzi Çakmak boulevard in the province of Şişhane, the province of Bursa, and entered service on 20.02.1967. Gaziantep, Şanlıurfa, Kahramanmaraş, affiliated to the General Directorate of Social Insurance Institution, and the district hospital of the settlement centers connected to these facilities. With the recognition of the hospital on 16.08.1968 and the health insurance and social insurance number 213 from the Ministry of Social Welfare, the Gaziantep Hospital was named as the "social insurance institution Gaziantep hospital" by the enactment of the social insurance law no. 506. Beginning from 12.11.1998, "social insurances institution Gaziantep district hospital" was taken by using the district office. The hospitals belonging to some public institutions have been transferred to the Ministry of Health since 19.02.2005 within the scope of the Law on Devine to the Ministry of Health and Gaziantep continues to serve on the name of 25 December state hospital.