Our Clinics

The diagnosis and treatment of the surgical diseases of the nervous system (brain, spinal cord, peripheral nerves, and the structures in which these are located) is performed.

General Surgery Department is specialized in the fields of digestive system diseases, liver, stomach, intestines, bile ducts, biliary tract, pancreas and splenic diseases, hemorrhoids and anal zone surgeries, pilonidal sinus, breast surgery, thyroid - parathyroid surgery, hernia, burning surgery, laparoscopic surgery related diagnosis, treatment and surgery are done.

Orthopedics and traumatology departments are diagnosed, examined, treated and operated on orthopedic diseases and musculoskeletal injuries.

Diagnostic procedures for renal, bladder, testicular, prostate cancers, stone disease, circumcision, birth defects of urinary system, recurrent infections, voiding disorders, urinary incontinence and interstitial cystitis treatments are performed for diagnostic tests and operations for benign prostatic hyperplasia (prostate enlargement) and for urinary infections. Uroflowmetry test is performed when necessary. Cystoscopy is also performed in our department.

Ear-nose-throat examination, Endoscopic ENT examination and audiovisual testing and vestibular rehabilitationTurk-Nose-Throat operations, Radiofrequency applications, head and neck cancer operations and children's KBB surgeries are performed in our hospital. Oddiometrics are also measured at the ENT policlinic. In addition, tonsillectomy, necrosis, intranasal bone and concha, endoscopic sinus operations and microscopic ear operations are performed successfully in our operation.

Diagnosis and treatment services for all kinds of eye diseases are provided. Congenital, traumatic, metabolic, senile, toxic, secondary cataracts with phacoemulsification technique, drip anesthesia surgery and intraocular lens implantation are performed in case of eye emergency (accidents, foreign substance abuse, anikızarmalar, sudden visual loss etc.). Diabete-related eye diseases are treated with argon laser. Strabismus surgery and treatment of eyelid laceration, Surgical treatment is applied in the case of torn ductal obstruction.YAG laser can be treated at the height of sudden eye.

Hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, upper and lower respiratory tract diseases, gastrointestinal system, liver diseases, kidney diseases, thyroid diseases, diabetes, obesity, rheumatic diseases, blood diseases and so on. diagnosis and treatment of general diseases are done at the remote and inpatient.

Diagnosis and treatment of diseases such as feverish and infectious diseases, nosocomial infections, sexually transmitted diseases (HIV, syphilis, Lungs) diarrhea, typhoid, brucella (cheese diseases) and infectious hepatitis (infectious jaundice) are done.

Hypertension, Hypercholesterolemia, Diagnosis, treatment and treatment of heart diseases are done. If you have complaints such as chest pain, shortness of breath, edema, night urination, fainting, palpitations, cyanosis, and tiredness, please apply to Cardiology Polyclinic. Echordiography, EforluEKG, Holter

Diagnosis and treatment of diseases such as headache, dizziness, cerebrovascular diseases (paralysis), epilepsy, dementia, balance-movement disorders, neuromuscular diseases (muscle and nerve diseases, polyneuropathies .

Pulmonary diseases such as asthma, COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease), lung cancer, pneumonia, tuberculosis are treated and treated with Bronchoscopy and Respiratory Function Testdır.Solunum Fonksiyon Testi (SFT) –ALERJİ TESTİ(PRİCK)

Our dermatology specialists are available for all age group illnesses. Acne (psoriasis), psoriasis eczema, skin allergies, rashes in babies, rashes, warts, fungal diseases, moles, skin cancers, oral aphthae, hair loss, nail diseases, Skin diseases are examined and treated. Skin allergy tests - Phototherapy (Light therapy)

In our psychiatry outpatient clinic; depression and other mood disorders, panic disorder and other anxiety disorders, schizophrenia and other psychotic disorders, alcohol and substance abuse, marital and adjustment problems, sexual problems, eating disorders, and mental problems due to aging.

Examination is accompanied by related x-ray and blood examinations as well as painful-skeletal system diseases, orthopedic, neurological veromatizm diseases and rehabilitation, sports injuries and rehabilitation, hand rehabilitation and osteoporosis. Remote Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation services are provided and if necessary, the bedside service is also FTR planned.

The endocrinologist is engaged in endocrine system diseases. Endocrinologists influence the secretory glands and make sense of their health. They know how to treat diseases that are often complex and involve many of our bodies. Your primary care physician will refer you to the neuroendocrinologist when you have a problem with the endocrine system.

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery; is a surgical branch that works to correct deformities of shape and function and to correct the body image of congenital or acquired anomalies.

It is our polyclinic that applies to the definition of chronic pain and methods of interventional pain treatment.

In our hospital's thoracic surgery clinic, predominantly arteriovenous fistula opening for dialysis, grafting for the same purpose, permanent and transient dialysis catheter application, variceal surgery, laser and scarotherapy, sclerotherapy, surgical treatment of all arterial occlusive diseases of extremities, bronchiectasis, hydatid mesothelioma undiagnosed pleurisy, pulmonary diseases such as mediastinal masses, tanısalamaçl bronchoscopy, mediastinoscopy, lobectomy with torakoskopigirişim are pneumonectomy as all kinds of lung resection, chest wall tumors totalçıkartıl be with reconstruction, correction with conventional surgical methods or endoskopikcerrah of toraksdeformite, esophagus to surgery of the stenosis of the stenosis, esophageal and tracheobronchial foreign bodies are performed successfully.