Home Health Care Services
20 Temmuz 2018

We provide medical examination, treatment, medical care, follow-up and rehabilitation services in the family environment and in the family environment, which are dependent on various diseases and need to provide health services at home. You can reach our unit by calling 0 (342) 338-2525 (346-347) for the patients who need care at home. You can call us at home with your doctor, nurse and ambulance sofur.


Home care is the provision of health care services that are necessary for patients who are afflicted with sickness, in the home environment and with an expert staff.

Diagnosis of the patient is to provide follow-up, implementation and training of the regulated treatment of the patient who has been extensively diagnosed.


The Domestic Care Unit is able to benefit from bedridden patients (eg Alzheimer, dementia, paralysis ...) who are in need of permanent inpatient treatment, who are unable to walk and who are unable to resolve their special needs due to chronic illness.


· Follow-up of the treatment (bed rest, blood sugar, blood pressure)

· Analyzes,

· Renewal of the delegation reports,

· Implementation of Tibbi care and rehabilitation services at the hospital's premises,

· Providing social and psychological support,

Documents requested from patients;

· Photocopy of the population,

· Photocopy of health report, photocopy of health reports (dysmenorrhea and chronic illness),

· 1 photograph