Organ donation

When a person is alive, free-will and medical care allow his or her tissues and organs to be used for the treatment of other patients after the end of life.

Organ Delivery
It is a surgical procedure in which a new, healthy organ taken from the living or the cadaver is replaced with an alternative organ that can not perform its function in the body.

Brain Death
It is a process that results in the disappearance of the functions of the special brain part called the brain stem, where the whole brain, cerebellum and vital centers are located, in the irreversible sheath and absolute death. With the concept of brain death, Horn, Vegetative life expressions are mixed. Horn and herbal life patients are working in some brain functions and patient life with tibia support continues for many years. In the case of brain death, it is not possible for the patient to live in the shortest period of time.

Who can be found in the Organ?
According to 2238 numbered law, anyone who is eighteen years old and who is in a great mental balance can donate all or part of his organs.

Does the Organ of Religion Have Concerns in Religion?

Many of the great religions endorse and support organ donation. Secretariat of Religious Affairs The High Council of Religious Affairs 6.3.1980 With the decision numbered 396, it is clear that the organ can be transferred. In this Land;

-The presence of a residence hall, to save the life of a patient or a vital organ, to be determined by a doctor who is trusted by his professional capacity and honesty,

-Doku and Organi is taken to be the part of this process is done in the sirada death,

-The presence of a legal residence, to save the life of the patient or a vital organ, to be determined by a doctor trusted by his professional capacity and honesty,

-Doku and organ of the body to be taken of this process has been done in the sirada,

-To ensure the peace of mind of the people, in terms of the deterioration of the peace and order, or to allow the body to be taken organs,

- No charge for any ligaments or tissues,

-The patient to be treated should also have this transgression to be done to himself.

De Qur'an-i Kerim'de "Who gives life to a person will give rewards to all people to give life" declaration. (Maide Suresi, Ayet 32)

Where Is Organ Donation Made?
-In the centers that organ transplant,

In -Hastane,

-The foundation, associations, etc. that are interested in child transplantation. organ donation can be done in institutions.

In Organ Donation,

It is enough to fill and sign the organ donation card in front of two witnesses. The compliance of the donor organ is investigated after the organ death for the donor. In this case, organ donors should be informed about their families and it will be useful to prevent future problems. The organ donation card of the persons in the body of the donor will always be accompanied by the delivery organ donation to ensure that the operation is completed without any complications and delay.

Which Organs Can Be Carried?

Kidney, Pancreas, Liver, Lung, Heart, Insept

Which tissues can be transplanted?

Cornea, Bone Tear, Tendon, Heart lid, Skin, Bone
Where are the donated organs transported?

The patients receiving the organ are determined firstly according to the blood group compliance and then the tissue group compliance. The compliance of the blood and tissue, namely the patient's medical emergencies, is taken into account. Sex, race, religion, poor-rich separation can not be done.