International Health Tourism

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We are at your side for your health with our doctors who closely follow the scientific and technological developments and our quality medical services with international standards…


Quality management system requirements in accordance with legal requirements and continuously developed, effective, current, contemporary and patient safety by prioritizing employee health services at national and international level and to meet the health needs of our patients the highest level of expectations.


In order to provide the best service to our patients by following the international scientific and technological developments, it is to provide high-quality, effective and efficient healthcare services with our specialized employees.


To be the preferred health center that prioritizes patient satisfaction with the price tariff determined by the Ministry of Health, which provides reliable, high-quality health care with the latest technology and expert staff at international level


To provide quality services under the leadership of our experienced translators who know foreign languages and specialized health professionals.

To become a leader in the health sector by doing the necessary work in accordance with the goals set by the ministry within the scope of health tourism from abroad.


In 1967 , our hospital which started working as bonded to General  Directorate of Social Insurance Institution , on 2005 its transferred to Gaziantep 25 Aralık State Hospital and continues to serve

By starting of construction on 2021, It will continue to provide services with its innovative technology by increasing its capacity in the near future with a new additional building contains 300 beds

Health Tourism Unit

Address : Sarıgüllük Mah.Fevzi Çakmak Blv. No:38, 27090 Şehitkamil/Gaziantep                                                                                                                                                                               

Telephone : 90342 338 25 25 - (1101)

Fax : 90 342 338 86 18 

Health Tourism Unit Coordinator
Serpil ÜZÜM

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